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Hong Kong has been a dominant gateway of capital for Mainland China. Hong Kong accounts for the largest inbound and outbound direct investment of Mainland China. In terms of portfolio investments, since the introduction of the Qualified Foreign Institutional investors scheme in 2002, Hong Kong has worked closely with Mainland China in developing new channels, including Shanghai‐HK Stock Connect, Shenzhen‐HK Stock Connect, Bond Connect and Mutual Recognition of Funds, to facilitate cross‐border investment flows. Such efforts have allowed Hong Kong to strengthen its position as a dominant gateway over the years.

With the increasing popularity of the RMB as a currency for cross‐boundary trade and investment, the deep RMB liquidity pool and broad RMB‐denominated product spectrum in Hong Kong makes it the world's biggest offshore RMB centre.

First mentioned in 2015, the development of the Greater Bay Area (GBA)1 creates an integrated financial and innovation zone around Hong Kong. Family offices seeking investment opportunities will benefit from looking into the GBA through establishing presence in Hong Kong; the number of unicorns in the GBA is growing, and the valuation of unicorns in GBA increased from RMB335 billion in 2017 to RMB614 billion in Q3 2019. Under the GBA, Hong Kong is also working with Mainland China to explore the establishment of the “Wealth Management Connect” scheme, which will allow two‐way access of a wider spectrum of wealth management products in both jurisdictions.

2 Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau

Client Testimonial

The Greater Bay Area enjoys a comprehensive set of business-friendly policies and boosts the flow of people, goods and capital, which will facilitate our global expansion from our base in Hong Kong.”

Mike Poon
Chief Executive Officer, Aircraft Recycling International Limited