An Irreplaceable Place for Wealth Succession

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Over the past two decades, Asia has seen the fastest family wealth accumulation in the world. The wealth of billionaires in Mainland China has been accumulating at an astonishing speed and has grown nearly nine times in the last decade according to UBS and PwC’s 2020 Billionaire Insights Report, resulting in a surging demand for family wealth management service. Established in 2012 and headquartered in Hong Kong,   DL Family Office is committed to providing a full-range family office operations and services for ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) families in Greater China including cash management, venture capital, family trust, overseas structure, worldwide asset allocation, insurance business, fixed asset investment, corporate governance, family governance, charity, and education consulting.


DL Family Office works closely with its parent company DL Holdings Limited with its other business segments, including capital market and alternative investments, to provide a comprehensive financial services and client network. Andy Chen, Co-founder of DL Family Office, said, “We adhere to the concept of neutrality and confidentiality as the foundation in helping with the development of our client families, growing together with them as lifelong partners.”


Chen believes that Hong Kong is the best fit to serve as the headquarters for DL Family Office. He said, “According to Forbes Billionaires 2021, among the 2,755 billionaires in the world, 698 are from Mainland China and Hong Kong. Thanks to the city’s many advantages, including a well-established legal infrastructure with the practice of common law that provides a ground-up protection to entrepreneurs and investors; free flow of capital and information; high proficiency in both English and Chinese which  covers the world’s major economies, including Mainland China and overseas Chinese markets; a deep talent pool provided by esteemed tertiary education, with a relatively high income and convenient lifestyle that attract and retain world-class talent; lastly, Hong Kong’s geographical and cultural proximity to Mainland China also makes the city unparalleled.”


Chen added, “Hong Kong’s status as an international financial hub is irreplaceable. From being a window for China accessing the world in the 70s, to a bridge connecting Mainland enterprises to international market since the 90s; today, the city has transformed itself to an ideal place for wealth management.”

DL Family Office is currently developing horizontally into an all-rounded model for asset management. In the future, as Chen revealed, the company will shift to a vertical expansion, and set up a dedicated team for immigration service, providing a one-stop solution for its clients. In addition, the company will continue to recruit more professionals from Hong Kong, so as to ensure a steady and healthy development of its business.


Having been living in different places in the world, Chen still sees Hong Kong as his favourite place to live.  While Hong Kong is a highly developed city, it only takes a short time to drive to the sea or country side. He concluded, “As a free trade port, Hong Kong is a place where one can find all sorts of products from around the world. I am also very comfortable with the lifestyle here.”

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